About Me

I'm Marcel Mendonça Grilo,
born in Itajubá, Minas Gerais, Brasil, 05, june, 1986.

I like games of all kinds and it include cards, boards, digitals, sports and whatever you can call a game. I like games because in my conception, games are like a simulator for the real life, and when you play a game, you are training yourself on a simple scenario that is directly applicable on your real life.

My life on technology started when i first opened my remote controlled car ( common and awesome kid toy at 90's) to remove the electronics and discover how it works. I made my first electronic circuit when i was 13, it where an alarm controller for a door. My development continued when i started a computer's build and fix vacation course. I stayed focussed on technology and studied more than alot to be accepted on the Federal University of Itajubá.

Currently i am finishing my Computer and Technology Science Master's Degree at UNIFEI (Federal University of Itajubá, Brazil). The same place where i graduated myself on Computer Science.
In my Graduation i learned a lot of C, C++, C# and Java, SQL programming language, and i learned with not so intensity, a little of R, Haskell, Prolog, HTML/Javascript/CSS, PHP, Assembly(I fear it until today), And i know when someone is programming on Python, Ruby, Pascal, Perl, Lua, Matlab. But for anyone to learn some programming language it is needed a lot of logic thinking and math, and this i forced myself to learn a lot, because in my conception math and technology always walk together.

During school i worked with many things , such as SEO and web development at MestreSEO. C,C++ and MFC(Microsoft Foundation Classes) for an embedded medical product called Neuromap(it's a digital electroencephalogram) from Neurotec, i worked as monitor of a laboratory at the university where i improved my database skills and the last job i had were at Keeplay Game Studios where i learned, developed and leadered game projects.

At Keeplay particularly i loved so much game development that choose this area to improve my skills the maximum i can, and until today i'm learning, studying and developing games. I am an Advanced user of Unity3d engine and know a lot of game optimization techniques.

My mastering course is about artificial intelligence, parallel computing and smart grids, another area that i like, and a dream of mine is to help the world with my studies and researches.

For last and not less important, a passion that i have is the astronomy, the science that studies the cosmos(IT'S NOT ASTROLOGY!!).